Shopping From Home #12

Pinstone Street | Sheffield City Centre | 29 May and 7th June 2021

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    1. Yes it does still have a few shops left. Although with Debenhams and John Lewis disappearing alongside other national chains and local stores the city centre will need to find other ways to rebuild and sustain itself.
      This series of photographs only happened because I was so shocked at the state of the city centre. Actually it was sparked when I saw the heartfelt messages left by customers and staff on the entrance to the recently closed John Lewis store. There presence was one of the main reasons for people heading into the centre. Images from John Lewis are scheduled for Saturday it’s a bumper post with 14 photographs. (I notice that WordPress reader now appears to only show one photograph when previously if there were more than one it would show the first four!)
      This rather bleak shopping from home series has only three more days to run before I move on to a different theme.
      While perhaps an interesting document of current times, closed shops are a pretty depressing sight.
      While posting images of a broken city centre I have also been shooting some more images from the natural world which I’m looking forward to posting.
      After the closed shops photographs there will be an contemplative interlude featuring a few posters that I spotted from the Conversations From Calais poster campaign which aims to re-humanise the refugee crisis…

      1. TL;DR: Yes.

        Actually, many thanks for update, N. It is indeed somewhat bleak, but a worthwhile reportage series. Yes, I can imagine the exit of John Lewis must have been quite a shock and a sad sign of the times. Looking forward to the JL special all the same! And a contemplative interlude sounds like a fine idea.


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