Good design is perhaps something to be appreciated rather than described. This unassuming pencil sharpener is a perfect example. Unique functionality is incorporated into a modest, understated and unconventional design. You get all you need and nothing more.

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    1. The number on the dial determines the angle of the point (and yes to some extent the length of lead revealed but not necessarily in mm). The second photograph shows pencils sharpened at different settings.
      It means you can sharpen to a very fine point or have a pencil with a broader lead. Not all lead/crayon cores can support a very fine point so a shallower angle setting might be used. The sharpener is also designed so that you can sharpen pencils according to purpose. Sometimes a shallow broad tip is better for shading or filling in a colour and sometimes a really fine point is what is called for. Often coloured pencils of different manufacturers will be supplied with varying angles.
      Talking about the angle at which a pencil is sharpened can sound a bit geeky but I think it can be useful to consider such things and find what works best for you.
      The sharpener is made in Japan, a country known for good blades.
      There are other versions of adjustable sharpeners but I haven’t tried any. This one catches the shavings so isn’t messy like some of the brass sharpeners.
      I suspect pencil sharpeners are a bit trial and error to find one you like.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. My current favorite pencil sharpener, brand name Kim, has one angle for long points, catches the dropping and has a special 2mm sharpener for fine mechanical pencils. A fellow geek.

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