Back to Normal?

Sheffield | 11 October 2021

2 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

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    1. I liked seeing these stickers.
      People have been saying things like ‘Get back to normal’ or ‘the new normal’ or other sweeping statements that pay little regard for what ‘normal’ may mean for people different from themselves or living in different circumstances. The sort of statements that reveal more about that individuals perspective on the world, rather than how they care or how we can learn from the horrible times we are all going through. Perhaps a naive and self centred view which makes huge assumptions about others. The idea that we can return to ‘normal’ is almost to deny the learning we should all take from what has happened and is continues to happen.
      These stickers offer a far more succinct starting point for conversations about what we might learn and how we might view our shared future. I sensed that whoever is behind the stickers is giving voice to their thoughts around care and kindness and encouraging others to consider among other things issues relating to social justice, poverty, global politics, identity and big business.

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