Phlegm | The Old & The New

Sheffield | 6 September 2021


Vintage Phlegm – This weather beaten painting by Phlegm is over ten years old.

Back when Phlegm was particularly prolific in Sheffield his paintings would pop up all over the city. Some in the most obscure locations, where they were unlikely to be seen by passers by. Back then he ran a blog rather than his current instagram account and while he posted images of his work he rarely shared the locations. Anyone familiar with this site will know I have photographed most of his black and white artwork reaching back many years. I remember seeing photographs of this particular painting but failed to work out where it was. Unitil now! Finally! It was a joy to see it in person.

Visit Phlegm HERE

More photographs of Phlegm’s artwork in Sheffield on Postcard Cafe HERE and from Mausoleum of The Giants HERE


This week I visited the new exhibition of Phlegm’s ink drawings at the Graves Gallery in Sheffield. A truly impressive collection and a rare opportunity to see his original work up close. Documenting our recent shared history, this evocative and reflective exhibition moved me (and raised a few smiles). Highly recommended…

Get there if you can! No need to rush out. The exhibition is on for a long time.

Phlegm – Pandemic Diary

New exhibition at The Graves Gallery Sheffield

Open Wed–Sat 10am–4pm
Closed Sun–Tue and Bank Holidays

Graves Gallery (Above the Central Library)
Surrey Street
S1 1XZ

More about the exhibition can be found on the gallery website: HERE

2 thoughts on “Phlegm | The Old & The New

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    1. Thank you 🙏
      Yes indeed. Phlegm is great at creating expressive creatures. This painting is old and weathered. During the intervening years his street work has become more and more refined and it was nice to be reminded of his earlier work. The exhibition of his pandemic drawings reveals what an extraordinarily talented artist he is. Sheffield Museums have purchased the entire set of 67 drawings for their permanent collection.
      Best wishes

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