Nige Contemplates Nature and Wide Open Spaces

In an extract from a recent interview for I Scream Dreams, Nige contemplates the beauty and importance of wide open spaces and how they may benefit people living in urban environments.

“As we leave the city to explore the wilds of our open moorland we might experience that feeling of a weight lifting.  Mental and physical clutter, chaos and ever present noise of city hum fade. The sound of the breeze moving through trees and a chorus of birdsong is our welcome to the open land. The air is fresh and clean and there is a sense of harmony in our surroundings.  A more refined palette of colours would be hard for any artist to achieve. Raw and natural, the quiet of the countryside is not actually quiet at all. It is the absence of noise.  Noise generated and accommodated by the trappings of our modern living. Sadly, everyday sounds and the hurried pace of the city seem normal until we step away from them. Out on the open moors all our senses feel more at ease and we are grateful for the how this makes us feel. We often don’t even stop to consider how or why the countryside helps to lift the weight. Perhaps we should? Perhaps we should reflect a little deeper on our relationship with nature, it’s wonderful intricately balanced ecosystems, the seasons or the simple splendour and beauty of it all . Maybe begin to retune the way we think about the things that matter most to us.”

Borrowed with permission from ‘Nature or Bust’ – I Scream Dreams: 22 March 2022

Photograph of Nige on Hallam Moors by Postcard Cafe

When asked for this post, which song can transport him to wide open spaces Nige said: ‘It would have to be Spinning Away by John Cale and Brian Eno or Weightlifting by Trashcan Sinatras both songs have the power to take you far from your stereo”

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