Ferg Celebrates Learning More About Fungi

With his new found interest in all things fungi, Ferg was excited to explore the world of these wonderful organisms. He spent days and weeks in the library researching all that he could. Quickly he realised what an expansive subject he had welcomed into his life and could see why so many experts have dedicated their lives to understanding fungi. He agreed with Merlin Sheldrake when he said ‘The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them!’.

To Ferg with his admittedly limited knowledge on the subject the world was beginning to look like a different more magical place. He understood how there is an interdependency between all living things but learning to understand about fungi had provided him with a window. One through which to see the world differently. It was now impossible for him not to be aware of how intricately and delicately the natural world is balanced. A small dent on any one aspect of any eco system can have ripples which affect many species and other ecosystems. Nothing like fungi had ever before provided him with an insight into natural interconnectivity. He started to look not just at nature with new eyes but surprisingly his own life too. He began to consider the impact he was having on the world, plants, animals and people around him. To Ferg, fungi were a source of great learning and key to him looking now at the world with fresh eyes. It wasn’t possible for him to do this without, at the same time, taking a good long look at his own life. Ferg knew that he had become comfortable and happy in his world and it turns out fungi were just what he needed to shake things up a bit. A turning point and a new adventure. This was a good thing and he knew he had Bunty to thank. He would share his gratitude the next time he saw her or he wondered if perhaps he should he give her a call…

Ferg kept notes and details of books he had read and which inspired him. Now he could add these to his many cross referenced lists:

Fantastic Fungi: How Mushrooms Can Heal, Shift Consciousness, and Save the Planet – edited by Paul Stamets https://fantasticfungi.com/buy-the-book/

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake https://www.merlinsheldrake.com/entangled-life

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World Paul Stamets https://paulstamets.com

The Kingdom of Fungi by Jens H Petersen https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691157542/the-kingdom-of-fungi

Ferg’s mantra when it comes to books is always if they are not available at your local library why not place a request that they stock them!

Video inspiration…

The Magic of Mushrooms – A wonderful hour long documentary made by Professor Richard Fortay HERE

Official trailer for the film Fantastic Fungi HERE

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