‘New Wave’ Dave Contemplates The Joy of Fresh Air

Dave had always lived and worked in the city and was all too aware how he accepted far too much of what he knew was wrong with city living. Noise, light and air pollution affected his every day and night! Even birds have adapted to twenty four hour lighting and their birdsong could now be heard right through the night! Their nigh time singing had become a reminder to him of what was wrong in our towns and cities. The noise of the city hum and air quality were less obvious until he took himself out onto the moors and open countryside. The air he breathed there felt fresh and his breathing felt lighter and his chest less heavy. Without the sounds of the city he could hear the breeze moving through the long grass and heather. The sound of sky larks meant he knew they were there but he wasn’t so good at spotting them.

Dave enjoyed travelling light and against all good advice he rarely carried a rucksack and would feel weighed down with even a pair of binoculars. For Dave the outdoors was good but outdoor gear less so! He would shudder at very thought of wearing a waterproof coat. He enthused that he wanted a simple, pure and natural experience when he spent time in the countryside. His friends thought is was more likely a rucksack and binoculars would spoil the cut of his suit. Admittedly all his friends thought no matter if Dave was in the city, at home, work or in the countryside he was always immaculately turned out. He was one of the few people who could look cool but when people met him for the first time, it wasn’t his look they talked about. It was his charming way and his caring disposition. Actually no one had a bad word to say about Dave. He was laid back and a dependable friend.

Dave’s frequent outings to the countryside were his way of detoxing from the city and recharging his batteries. He worked hard and had his own graphic design company. All nine of his loyal employees worked a four day week and he never pressured anyone to work hours beyond those they were paid for. He was progressive in how he ran his company and welfare of his staff always came first. He earned good money. In his master plan he would work until he was fifty after which he would retire to the country. He had already started drawing up plans for the house he would live in. It would be off grid, so far as was possible, powered by wind and solar. He planned to have guest accommodation at what he jokingly called his small country estate. Where his friends could stay for free, for as long as they liked. His future wasn’t about creating wealth it was about building a place for him, his family and friends. Somewhere they could use as a retreat. He knew not everyone would be able to follow in his footsteps so creating a place where they could spend time with some peace and quiet was very much written into his plan. He was selfless and kind and Dave’s trips to the country recharged him and his dreams for his future…

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