‘Lieutenant’ Les Contemplates The Power of Water

In a recent piece for I Scream Dreams titled ‘Natures Voice’, Les explored the many voices of nature. On water he offered these thoughts:

Just as we listen to our bodies for our own wellbeing, we should listen to the voice of water when it talks to us about the health of our planet. Water is a powerful voice of nature and not simply a physical presence in our lives.  If we are willing to learn, water has the power to teach us about our planet, life on earth, the environment and even ourselves.   Failure to listen to the many voices of nature will inevitably and predictably result in disasters our own making. I am not saying anything new or radical here but it does seem that for centuries we have separated ourselves from powerful voices in nature rather than listening to them. Water is fundamental to our existence. Leonardo da Vinci knew this when he said: “Water is the driving force of all nature”. We have failed to learn from the wisdom of our forefathers and ignored the voices in nature. The consequences of global warming are nature’s final warning to us all. We either heed that warning or die!

A big fan of Johnny Cash, Les offered this almost prophetic song as further food for thought: Johnny Cash – Five Feet High And Rising

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