The Secret Life of ‘Lieutenant’ Les

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  1. It’s impossible to ignore the awful things happening in the world right now and hard not to feel conflicted posting fun photographs. Of course we all know the world doesn’t stop turning when bad things happen but it has been difficult to feel inspired creatively. I guess though we all seek a bit of ‘normal’ in our lives or maybe even a bit of escapism. Immersing myself into the worlds of made up characters has been an interesting diversion. Today’s photographs definitely have an uplifting feel about them.

    1. Yes, I’m trying to spend my days in nature by painting, dog walking, and gardening. All very therapeutic in troubling times. Your post today just made me think about the fun you must have had.

      1. Thank you. Yes the photographs were indeed fun to make. I had no idea exactly what I would do with the two pieces of string added to the props department! As it turned they added new dimension to Les’s already interesting life.
        When I started photographing the little punk figures I had no idea what I’d do with them. I soon came up with the idea of making them characters who defied the punk stereotype and gave them lives where they might even be considered to be positive role models. I had no idea Ferg would become a spirited free climber or that Bunty would become an authority on fungi. Perhaps New Wave Dave becoming a graphic designer was more predictable! 🙂
        I had plenty of fun moments along the way. There was an almost Land of The Giants type moment when Ferg was at risk of being ‘retrieved’ by a small dog! Luckily for Ferg I was the friendly giant that saved him. The dog’s owner laughed when I explained I had to save my toys from being eaten by her dog. I guess she hadn’t seen too many men out playing with toys that morning! 🙂
        There were also some casualties. The figure called Nige made fewer appearances than the others because early on he broke a leg which I repaired and he then broke both legs and lost part of one of his mohican spikes! He had a tendency to throw himself into things! 🙂
        I’m pleased that you are staying close to nature. Painting is incredibly mindful. I loved your watercolour of the begonia. I hope we get to see more of your painting through your blog…!
        Take good care.
        Best wishes from me and the gang… 😉

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