October Journey By Train

This set of images compliments my occasional series of pictures taken while on train journeys. Most are taken through the windows of the train and are intentionally low-fi in how they are taken and delivered. The images are essentially straight from the camera with little or no editing. Many of the regular parameters which can be pondered are thrown away in favour of more spontaneous and to some perhaps imperfect images. These are snapshots with a hurried sense of composition capturing something which in that moment caught my eye. It may be a graphic shape or a small detail in the photograph that I was drawn to. This way of taking photographs presents a few challenges and results in random collection of images held together by the idea they are all taken during the outward and return journey from Sheffield.

If you are interested to see other images captured while travelling by train then follow the links below:

Jumping Someone Else’s Train – A series of photographs in monochrome

Jumping Someone Else’s Train | Off Peak Return – More in monochrome

Long Train Running | Down Around The Corner – A set from 2019

There are more images available to view from trains or train related simply by typing ‘Train’ in the search bar above.

Thank you for travelling Postcard Cafe – Please mind the gap between the train and platform edge….

7 thoughts on “October Journey By Train

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    1. Thats funny! 🙂
      I was passing through on Thursday on the return leg of my journey.
      There is always something impressive in the architecture of cooling towers. Often they are local landmarks and despite being big lumps of concrete are an accepted part of the landscape for which people have a degree of affection!
      When the last two landmark cooling towers in Sheffield were demolished next to the M1 motorway about 40,000 turned out at 3am to bid them farewell!
      Thanks for your comment and best wishes….

      1. Yes I don’t mind them at all. The giant salt and pepper pots. I recall a few years ago a campaign to save the ones in Sheffield. We live in the Trent Valley so they are a familiar sight. Just over 4 miles from us was Drakelow power station, towers demolished a few years ago, and just under 4 miles is Willington power station, no longer generating electricity but the towers remain (at the moment). Best wishes.

    1. There is something I enjoy about capturing fleeting scenes from a train. The dirty windows and obvious reflections make up a strange lo-fi photographic experience. The dirt and reflections to me are a bit like the clicks and crackles we used to hear when playing records in the past. They offer some character to the sound. The incidental elements of the images offer that equivilent character and are something we might normally try to avoid when taking pictures. They offer a little bit of how the scene is actually experienced and not just the picture perfect things we are used to seeing.
      Interestingly none of the above came from a Snapple bottle cap so I cannot vouch for how much of it is true 😉
      Best wishes…

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