Terry Hall born 19 March 1959 – died 18 December 2022

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  1. Yes, remembering indeed. Very sad news; brought back lots of memories of that time – a quite different time. Have you seen the BBC doc about the 2-tone movement? Really enjoyable and interesting; it’s back on i-player at present. The part which made me smile was when Jerry was relating a story about Pete Waterman wanting Terry to dance 🙂

    Hope all is good with you. First time I’ve logged into WordPress for what must be ages.

    1. Good to hear from you.
      Thank you. I will have to dip into iPlayer for the Two Tone documentary. It will definitely be of interest to me.
      One of my all time favourite concerts was seeing the first Two Tone tour featuring The Special, Madness and Selector. I saw Terry Hall play live a few times during his career outside of The Specials and I even had a single by the band he was in before The Specials!
      He was open about his struggle with mental health and he seemed to be a kind and honest man of great integrity. A rare breed of artist who was driven by many things other than his ego!
      Reflecting on the deaths of people who we know only through their art is a curious thing but I guess Terry Hall was good at making connections with people.
      The arts in all their forms are about making connections and about starting a conversation. Terry’s music allowed people to feel connected to him and to one another. His politics were the way he lived his life and not a slogan on a tee shirt. He was part of a music scene that knew music could be about so much more than just entertainment. Enough said…
      Here is a link to a video I found of Terry and Sinead singing All Kinds of Everything🙂

      1. Thanks for the video. I hadn’t seen or heard that before. Sinead smiling and looking happy!

        How fab that you saw the Specials and other 2-tone acts in their early days; just great.

        Yes, connections through art is a curious thing. We don’t need to know the person in person, but to share the ideas and visions, and to feel as one. Looking through someone’s bookcase, music and art collections, can connect us much more than the usual ‘what do you do for a living’ 🙂

        I hope you enjoyed the BBC doc!

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