Smoothback Peace Snake

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    1. Yes – sort of! These are strange dark times.
      There is no escaping all the horrid things happening in the world at the moment.
      In the UK, public services, including the NHS, are on their knees, after 13 years of underinvestment courtesy of a government whose self interests have been placed ahead of the people they are meant to serve!!! There is a whole lot of misery wrapped around the world right now, with unimaginable suffering.
      Like most people I’m not immune to all the bad stuff. This little series of mad critters is perhaps a small attempt to put a couple of smiles out there… A tiny chink of light in a very grey winter…✨
      I hope all is well with you. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing your occasional botanical artworks. Great stuff 🙂👍
      Best wishes

      1. Thank you. I know, the news is too much. Trying not to bury my head in the sand, but pay attention. Long dog walks in nature and painting tiny details help a lot.

      2. As a mini-series this photo project definitely has a mindful aspect both in model making and the photography. I don’t have a dog but field trips with the models takes me out and about with nature 🙂👍🌱🐛

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