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Thanks for stopping by

The watercolour paintings of the photographer and the anniversary Postcard Cafe Fiat 500s are by Sheffield artist Victoria Butterell. The Abarth Fiat was painted in 2013 to celebrate three years of Postcard Cafe.  The custom Fiat was painted to celebrate the first anniversary of Postcard Cafe.    See more of her wonderful watercolours on the Neo Watercolour site by clicking HERE

Abarth Fiat 500


39 thoughts on “Welcome To Postcard Cafe

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post. I love the images on your blog – so vibrant and engaging! I will be sure to visit again.


  2. Thanks for liking Cattails over at 20 Lines A Day. I’ll return soon for an extended visit to your blog. The pictures I’ve seen so far are great! 🙂

    1. Hi Kitchinsink, Thanks for taking time to visit Postcard Cafe and for your kind words. If you have a website or blog perhaps you could leave details so I can take a look. Best wishes, Nigel.

  3. Hi Nigel, Great blog. I think about a week ago on a Friday I bumped into you in Sheffield near Niche Club and we spoke about graffiti and you pointed lots out for me. Many thanks for the help 🙂 I really do love your blog. Best wishes, Tahla.

    1. Hi Tahla, How nice to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and to leave such encouraging words. Perhaps you should start a blog with your photographs??? I have another daily photoblog and if you subscribe you’ll get a photo everyday in your intray! Hop over to take a look at http://steelcitystatic.wordpress.com/
      Hope to see you out and about some time.
      Best wishes, Nigel

  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site:) I’m really enjoying your graffiti art posts!!

  5. hah, was i confused… but now i see that “little bits” and postcardcafe are both you 😉
    great pictures here, too. that (maintaining >1 blogs) is a lot of work, i assume?

    1. I started Postcard Cafe a few years ago without knowing where I would take it. It features stuff outside Sheffield and well as featuring photographs from my home city – and has in my mind a broader remit. I will publish a set of shots for one subject and I think the images are a little more considered than Little Bits of Sheffield. The thinking behind LBOS is that people will subscribe and get a little bit of Sheffield in their in-tray everyday. It’s an easier blog to maintain than Postcard Cafe because everyday I’m surrounded by the stuff that makes up it’s content. The images on PC are generally stuff that I’ve made more effort to shoot. Going into abandoned buildings isn’t something I do everyday. I’m pleased that you stopped by. I very much enjoy your work. Best wishes, PC

      1. that was very convincing!
        that lbos is easier to maintain than pc made very much sense to me.
        thank you for taking the time to explain and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comments. Sorry I took a while to acknowledge your visit but I’ve had a few broadband problems with only sporadic access!!! (Perhaps the internet is flooded with all the rain we’ve had!) – Best wishes, PC

  6. I’ve finally clicked over here from Victoria’s site–I knew right away that the Fiat was hers, so knew I was in good company.

    From a quick scan I see that you have tanks, many many tanks. I shall go investigate further. The art upon said tanks is the best way for them to be in this world, so I thank you. –Laurel

    1. Hi Laurel, Sorry its taken me a while to reply. Although I run a couple of photo-blogs I think the world is spinning too fast already without me rushing around. Slow is the new fast!
      Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in Postcard Cafe.
      I only have two tanks on the blog. They are resting unused and have only recently received the attention of local artists. I love the “Fish Tank” and “Think Tank” and they both disarm the ordnance on which they are painted. I also like how coLor painted “Heavy Art-illery” on one of the vehicles. It was great to come across these and they made me smile.
      Best wishes, PC

      1. Oh I so wholeheartedly agree with you about the speed of life. It is dizzying!

        So much clever art in one area–quite amazing, that.

        The tanks are indeed disarming! <:-D

  7. Went into the old sweetshop today…….top work with the fridge magnets etc….going to have to invest in some of those…… Jim

    1. Hi Jim, Thank you for the kind feedback. The Old Sweet Shop has so much good stuff. Emma that runs it has supported the artistic community with her shop for over 6 years now which is pretty good going for any small business these days. Best wishes, N.

      1. yes, I’d always missed it, unbelievable since I get loads of records out of that oxfam opposite, an it immediately became one of my favourite shops in Sheffield today. Going to have to do a post or something about it on my blog thing.

      2. I’m sure Emma would appreciate that. Did you see her today? She usually works in the shop Thursday to Sunday so one of those days would be best to catch her if you wanted to get the low down on the shop. Do people still say low-down? I was in a few weeks ago and someone popped their head round the door thinking it was still a sweet shop! Other than the name I think their is little to suggest its a sweetshop There isnt one humbug in any of the window displays…

    1. Hi Kevan,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.
      The wordpress community is a friendly one. The number of people who follow Postcard Cafe has just grown organically without me trying or tweeting or any other kind of publicity. I’m sure that people will pick up on your blog. I think I arrived at it because it was tagged with Sheffield. I enjoyed seeing all the albums that soundtrack your life. Mott The Hoople released some great records and Ziggy Stardust is of course an all time classic.
      I have a couple of other wordpress sites should you be interested to take a look:
      Little Bits Of Sheffield http://steelcitystatic.wordpress.com/
      Shop Fronts Of Sheffield http://shopfrontsofsheffield.com/
      Pubs in Sheffield http://pubsinsheffield.com/
      Good luck with your blog
      Best wishes 🙂

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.
      I’ve been following Phlegms work for years. Here in Sheffield we have been treated to so much of his work but a lot of the older paintings have either been demolished, pained out or weathered away. One was even cut out and taken! I have a lot of images of Phlegms work over on one of my other blogs: http://steelcitystatic.wordpress.com/
      The latest post is of the most recent Phlegm painting in Sheffield taken at night! There is a search bar on the blog so you can just type in Phlegm to see his work going back over the years.
      Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

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