Heart of The City – Sheffield 2012

"Home is where the heart is"  -  Anon "A loving heart is the truest wisdom"  -  Charles Dickens "Life will not break your heart.  It'll crush it"  -  Henry Rollins Artwork by Rocket01 and Faunagraphic Visit Rocket01 HERE Visit Faunagraphic HERE More Rocket01 on Postcard Cafe HERE More Faunagraphic on Postcard Cafe HERE

Believe You Me 2009 – 2012

Sadly the owners of this listed building on Sidney Street have been advised by Sheffield City Council that they must clean the artwork from its walls.  These images are the last we will see of this mural painted by Kid Acne (image below was taken shortly after it was painted in 2009) Going, going, gone...... Continue Reading →

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