The Old Sweet Shop – Sheffield

The Old Sweet Shop has for over five years been one of the jewels in Sheffield's cultural crown.  Located in Nether Edge it prides itself as a purveyor of fine independent local arts.  It is a little off the beaten track but if you seek treasure then you'll be rewarded by a visit because treasure... Continue Reading →

Twenty Thirteen

  Thank you to everyone who has dropped in and supported Postcard Cafe through 2012. Greetings to all who exchanged comments bringing a sense of community to this mad virtual world!  I hope that 2013 brings great things your way. Happy new year to all of you. Best wishes from Postcard Cafe x And here's a... Continue Reading →

Gleadless Flats, Sheffield – Postcard

These flats were originally built in the early 1960's.  For better or for worse the Gleadless Valley skyline is now having a make-over.  All of the flats on this site are being re-clad courtesy of Sheffield City Council. This photograph was taken in July 2008.  It is now available as a postcard in a numbered... Continue Reading →

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