Recent conversations with Ferg about his fearless approach to free climbing had started Jean-Paul thinking about his own mortality. Jean-Paul believed Ferg when said he had no fear death. He'd said If anything when he thought about death it had helped him live a fuller life. For Ferg death was a fact of life! Jean-Paul... Continue Reading →

After spending so much time in the library Ferg finally decided to give Bunty a call. They agreed to meet by the lake. Bunty arrived, carrying a flower and looked great. Ferg was thrilled when she said the flower was a gift for him, for being a great friend. She had grown the flower in... Continue Reading →

Ferg had always known Bunty to be smart but he had no idea she had an encyclodedic knowledge of fungi, their origins and importance to all life on earth! Her shyness meant she had always been slow to reveal things which are important to her. Ferg was captivated by her enthusiasm for all things fungal.... Continue Reading →

Cranked Up Really High | Johnny playing his loud punk guitar with Park Hill flats in the distance. Click HERE to see the colour versions of Johnny which were posted back in March The title for this photograph is borrowed from one of my favourite punk singles by Slaughter and The Dogs. ┬áIt was released... Continue Reading →

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