VERTICAL HOLD The title for this series of photographs is borrowed from the time when televisions used cathode ray tubes to produce the on screen image. The lack of precision timing components in early television receivers meant that the timebase circuits occasionally needed manual adjustment. If their free-run frequencies were too far from the actual... Continue Reading →

River sculpture by Dan  Dan has created a number of sculptures in the River Don in Sheffield.  They are all made from materials found in the river.  All are free-standing and as the water levels rise over the winter months most will be returned to the river bed.

Click on any thumbnail to enter the gallery. Listen to:  Reflections of My Life HERE

Bill Drummond River Don Sheffield 2011

Click on thumbnails to page through larger photographs. Score 1. Imagine Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and all music has disappeared. All musical instruments and all forms of recorded music, gone. A world without music. What is more, you cannot even remember what music sounded like or how it was made. You can only remember... Continue Reading →

Spider Bridge – Sheffield

Spider Bridge is part of the five weirs walk in Sheffield and acquired its name because of the way it overcame some of its engineering challenges.  Lots of steel wires and clever thinking.  Suspended over the river Don and completed in 2002 next to The Wicker Arches it also has some big spiders overhead...!

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