The Arts Tower

Monovember #19 

Postcard Cafe in monochrome for the month of November

The Arts Tower – University of Sheffield | Sheffield | 18 January 2020

The Arts Tower utilises the worlds largest Paternoster elevator. Built by the Schindler Lift Company and installed when the tower was built in 1966 it is still functioning as an integral part of the building. Check out photographs of the Paternoster taken in 2016 by Postcard Cafe HERE

More photographs of The Arts Tower on Postcard Cafe HERE

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  1. When first installed, the paternoster lift ran faster, but was slowed because some people were hurting their ankles getting on and off. Apocryphally, students showing freshers round the Arts Tower would tell them the lift cars turned upside down at the top. They would then position the fresher on the top floor landing, ride the lift over the top, and do a headstand before it descended. My friend Rob once streaked on the Paternoster for charity. He didn’t do a headstand though.

    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for taking the time to share.
      I’ve never heard any of that before.
      On one day when I visited the Arts Tower many years ago I hadn’t looked into how the Paternoster worked and I asked the security guard what happens if someone doesn’t get off at the lowest level. He looked at me squarely and said “You go to hell…!”😀

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