Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Railway Station

Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Station | © Postcard Cafe 2019 | sp1000246e

Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Railway Station

Sheffield Railway Station, formerly Pond Street Station and later Sheffield Midland Station was listed in 1975 as an English Heritage Grade II listed building.  Built with simultaneous construction phases between 1836-1840 by both the North Midland Railway and Midland Counties Railway the station served as a terminus for the then new direct route to London via Chesterfield.

This photograph is taken from the taxi rank at the south end of Sheaf Square with the water features of Sheaf Square visible to the left.

Viewed from west and with a little bit of tilt shift trickery the railway station (along with the bus station) can be seen looking like something from a model train set HERE

Sheffield Railway Station made a location appearance in the political TV drama A Very British Coup.  Filmed in 1988 it stared Ray McAnally as a Sheffield steel worker and trade unionist who becomes Prime Minister. Back in the ’80s Sheffield was often called The Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.

Outside of London, Sheffield Railway Station is the 11th busiest railway station in the country.

ABOUT SHEFFIELD S1:   A series of photographs of Sheffield city centre streets empty of people*, cars and traffic.  Click the links below to view other images in the Sheffield S1 series:

Norfolk Street

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Division Street

Pond Street

Arundel Gate

West Street


High Street

Tudor Square

Sheffield Interchange

Arundel Gate (Looking North)

*No pedestrians were harmed in the taking of these photographs


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